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Are you a Medical Professional?

Emotional intelligence has become such a valuable quality however only a few physicians have heard or of its benefits.   

So, an important question is: Can doctors raise EQ if it is not an innate skill?

Medical professionals interrelate with people in challenging situations consistently in a normal day.

So it makes sense that a high emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) would be a prized skill to have.

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Emotional burnout has reached record highs, with 54% of doctors reporting weekly burnout symptoms – double that of the general population. And this data is pre-2020! And not only doctors. 


By improving relationships and interactions between patients, health care professionals, and administration, organizations that leverage EQ can create meaningful and lasting improvements. 


At the NEQ Forum, we help medical professionals enhance Emotional Intelligence to thrive in their work! We will help you understand your brain and your emotional intelligence.

Our concept is to create a group of people for learning, sharing and support under the mentorship of professional life coaches.


Explore your brain, understand emotions and unleash your potential using applied neuroscience.


Doctors and all medical practitioners require an array of skills to provide high-quality care. These skills conducting physical examinations, prescribing, diagnostics, performing procedures, operating, etc.


There is also a range of “non-technical” skills, which are now being recently recognized for effective patient care – and self-care.


The NEQ Forum is a space for the medical community to learn about EQ applied to them so that they cope in stressful environments and find balance in order to not burn out.

The concept of emotional intelligence (EQ), is relevant to the work of doctors, and the forum will provide an understanding of EQ through the lens of neuroscience and equip doctors with skills to be most effective with their teams and flourish to find balance.

You will access tools from the Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence critical to thriving!

It's very important to find people who are close to you by soul and mind. The NEQ COMMUNITY FORUM where we together can grow, discover, laugh, have fun and celebrate a sense of togetherness!!!

Dr. Yelena Akelina

Dr. Yelena Akelina

Yelena Akelina, DVM, MS is a Research Scientist and Director/Instructor in Clinical Microsurgery at the Microsurgery Research and Training lab at the, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Columbia University. She has been teaching microvascular surgery to different medical professionals from all over the US since 1996. Dr. Akelina was mentor for many very successful surgeons around the world and made a difference in many people lives by her own life example. Yelena owns a life coaching consulting business and a co-founder of the NEQ courses for medical and business professionals since 2019.

She is well published scientific author and creator of many educational materials for microsurgery and emotional intelligence.

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"We decided to tackle the problem of emotional burnout head-on and offer the real tools that build emotional resilience to burnout using EQ-our NEQ Courses."

JJ Kennedy photo 1.jpg

Dr. Justin James Kennedy

Justin James Kennedy, Ph.D., is a professor of applied neuroscience and organizational behavior at UGSM-Monarch Business School, College & University, in Hagedorn, Zug, Switzerland. He is also the professor of applied neuroscience and a Ph.D. supervisor with Canterbury Christchurch University in the U.K.

His book, Brain Re-Boot, is an overview of neuroscience that proposes various applications from behavioral neuroscience, neuroeconomics, social neuroscience, and health neuroscience. He offers brain-based tools, shown to build resilience to stress-related pathology and improve cognitive performance in organizational life. This is all underpinned by his model of "Performance-Wellness".

His academic work defined the model of "Organizational Wellbeing Neuroscience," as described in the academic textbook, The Handbook of Organizational Wellbeing. (SAGE publ.). His research informs his executive coaching processes and his clinical practice in neuro-behavioral analysis. After his TEDx talk, he speaks at conferences and consults globally to multi-national organizations on topics related to "Performance-Wellness" in the workplace.

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The NEQ Forum offers workshops to skills doctors with EQ skills and a forum for discussions that support the wellbeing of medical professionals.

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  • The ability of personal involvement in creating and implementing new content of your choice together with faculty.

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